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The Fallen Memory

Being immortal is hell - especially for a Fallen Angel.

It's a curse disguised as a blessing - at least that's how Ryder Blackhart views it. Ryder has been condemned to wander the earth in search for his lost love. Yet every time he finds her, his curse takes her away.

But this time is different.

He's not the only one who feels the connection they share. Now it's up to him to find out a way to break their curse before everything goes up in flames - and the girl he loves is gone forever.

Belle Marie
2 hours ago

Hey the newest edition of my book is on wattpad.com It it under The Fallen Memory by Belle Marie. The cover art is the same!!! Thank you so much for reading my book!!! I hope that you will continue to follow me on wattpad!!! Here is the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/98809132-the-fallen-memory Thanks again for all your support!!! -Belle

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Nerdy Natalie

Tale of Natalie a girl who loves to read and write and her struggles to fit in.

2 months ago

Some editing any and all feedback appreciated x

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Later, they’d tell him that it was James who’d found him. Later, James would tell the police that it was merely a coincidence that he’d happened by again in the first place; he’d forgotten something, a hat maybe, didn’t really seem that important next to everything else, but he did and that’s when he’d seen him. Ozzie. His best friend. Staring at nothing. Sitting in a dark pool of his parent’s blood.

Bomb Cover by: @VaineLuchia

3 weeks ago

overhaul of the story. new cover new verything

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Skye could never explain the strange connection she felt to the wild. But everything starts to come together when she finds herself in the midst of a centuries-old conflict between Lycans, humans, and three mysterious spirits who accidentally brought this never-ending war upon the world. When an ancient cult resurfaces, hell-bent on exterminating every last shapeshifter on Earth, Skye must push her fears aside and stand up for what she believes in, no matter what the cost.

I'm marking Spiritborne as complete! Thanks so much for sticking with me! :) I'm going through one final read before I’ll start submitting it for publication (the most current edit is on wattpad).

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Rachel Andric and Final Death

Rachel Andric has undergone Final Death. Will Scarlet alone remembers her and her Story, and he struggles to remind The Story of her. While Will fights the Editor in The Story, Rachel fights to escape Final Death with the help of a few old friends while fending off attacks from Carson. Can Will remind The Story of Rachel Andric? Can Rachel escape from Final Death, or will Carson be the end of her?

The third book in the Rachel Andric series.

Chapter 37! An old enemy of Merlin taunts them with the cost of war with the Editor.

46 reads 43 likes 3 follows 56 comments

The Chosen Path

Jake's childhood imaginary friend haunts him awake and asleep. His dreams come true, which scares him, his family, and the whole town. Going away to college, Jake hopes for a normal life, but it becomes more complicated as he learns of his new friends' secrets. The girl he has a crush on has more secrets and powers than Jake could ever imagine. One of his roommates is a vampire. Plus, a demon wants them dead. Jake must discover who and what he really is to save his friends and himself. (Book 1).

Susan K. Saltos
5 months ago

Fixed up Chapter Five. Lots of new stuff added.

172 reads 116 likes 24 follows 96 comments

Messengers of Fate

After a terrible war annihilating half the human race, can the humans ever be trusted to make their own decisions again?

Charlie Everton is a Messenger. Her job is to pass messages from Fate to the humans of Earth in the hopes of preventing another catastrophic war. All is going well, until Charlie one day sends a message to the wrong person.

With the help of her mentor, Charlie must go to Earth and stop the message before it is delivered. But what she finds there will change her life forever.

Starting a new story :) I'm uploading it to other sites, too, but thought I'd post it here to make the most of WriteOn's last few weeks. Let me know what you think! :)

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Danny Foster is a typical teenager on the surface. The third child after two high achieving sisters, he just blends into the household, barely noticed. When his sister, Theresa, is paralyzed in a car crash on her way home for Thanksgiving break her freshman year of college, his world is upended and he sinks further into the background. When he finally gets away to college and meets Kim, his sister's double, he must confront issues that have haunted him his entire life.

Ch.29 posted

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Rachel Andric and The Story

The Guardians' main rule is broken when an intruder escapes into The Story on Rachel Andric's watch. Rachel follows him into The Story to stop him from destroying it, leading her into a world of fairy tales, myths, and legends with the aid of an outlaw, a villain, a girl in a red cloak, a god, and a sorcerer. She must choose between her training and her conscience as she realizes the Guardians aren't what they seem.

Adjusted cover by Hannah-Marie Kilpatrick! :D

397 reads 638 likes 37 follows 679 comments

Emo Girl and the Amoeba

Written for the Story Cube prompt 'amoeba, flashlight, poison'

and for Paul Westley's 'Not the weekend write-in' Titanic prompt; 'In 500 words, write a story in which someone stays calm'


Dear Diary

Life Sucks

The End

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Operation 1: Titanic

Agent Jason McIver was glad to get this case onboard the word's greatest luxury liner. Others thought him too young, too immature; this was his chance to prove them wrong. He would discover who had stolen the Bureau's records, or die trying.

Complications arise when a strange woman meets him onboard. Chelsea Farthing may know more than she's letting on.

3 weeks ago

Chapters 4-4. Maybe WriteOn's closing will inspire me to write faster ... but what a way to go. :-(

37 reads 12 likes 3 follows 116 comments

Tales from The Story: The Merry Men

When young Will Scarlet's mother is murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham, she sends him into Sherwood Forest in search of his uncle. Drafted into the Merry Men of Sherwood, Will finds himself struggling to fit in. His youth and ignorance lead him to make a terrible mistake, and The Sheriff takes him prisoner. How far will Robin Hood go to save his nephew? Will the Merry Men escape the trap that The Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne have planned for them?

Chapter 6! Robin must come up with a plan to save his nephew as Will faces the noose.

11 reads 10 likes 2 follows 20 comments

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