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This is a dead Parrot

Monty Python Tribute. The Parrot is a euphemism for a certain dead writer's forum.

6 days ago

The Parrot is a euphemism for a dead forum

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Beckoning Lyght

Tabitha Lyght is the new Monitor for Metro Tower, a safe haven for the Justice League members located in Metropolis. She is trying to get over her recent breakup with Martian Manhunter however, becoming his successor makes that pretty hard! She has to find a way to get over him before she loses her mind. How will she go on with her new responsibilities without the Martian by her side?

J Linz
1 week ago

And, that's all folks! Beckoning Lyght is complete! I would say stay tuned for Infinite Lyght but, yeah, WriteOn is shutting down soon... I hope you guys enjoyed this story! Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to read!

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Garmau Friends since birth

Before garroth and the whole crew were born all the parents were great friends and most of the moms were pregnant then one year later other ones got pregnant some once again and then after the ones that got pregnant a year later the rest got pregnant and they all live in the same neighborhood and some end up married dating and have kids.every part is 1 Chapter.

Category: Fanfiction, Romance

3 weeks ago

not finished but will be Feb. 14th

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Stiles looks at his outstretched hand, and then at his motley crew of weirdos. He doesn't have a gift of sight, not even with the tricks he's got up his sleeve (the Trick, really, capital T), but he can tell this is going to be a thing.

He thinks of the people outside the clinic, how everyone he helps is just one person, and he thinks about his mom, her eyes dead and gentle, and he thinks to hell with it, and shakes Scott's hand.

(Or, the DA2/Teen Wolf crossover no one asked for.)

k. a.
More than 3 years ago

TYPOS shut up, omfg.

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Fire Emblem: Lucina's Awakening

A routine diplomatic mission goes wrong, and the exalt of Ylisse is murdered in a terrible betrayal. His daughter Lucina escapes and recruits her friends, the children of the heroes of Ylisse, to save their country. The Fell Dragon Grima has awakened, and he has brought the Risen into the world. As the children fight people they had once considered their friends, they realize that their world may not be saved. Lucina hatches a plan to escape into the past, and stop the events before they happen.

R.C. Fletcher
1 month ago

Changed the cover, thanks to Spencer FG from Wattpad. :)

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Fruits Basket | Truth or Dare

Ask or Dare The Fruits Basket Gang!

And Booky and Suiren!

- I do not own any of the characters besides Suiren. The only thing I own is the writing. -

Category: Fanfiction, Humor

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Lone's Heart

Lone's Heart, il cuore di Lone.

Questa storia, scritta sotto forma di diario, racconta la vita della protagonista di "Twisted Truth (MS-R41.3)" la mia personale rivisitazione dei libri Insurgent e Allegiant scritti da Veronica Roth.

Ho curato molto il personaggio di Lone, arrivando a scrivere non solo personalità e origini, ma approfondendo in modo quasi maniacale il suo passato e gli avvenimenti descritti nella rivisitazione, creando così una sua dettagliata biografia.

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LoneWolf è un'infiltrata del Dipartimento all'interno della recinzione. La sua missione è semplice: trovare i Divergenti e proteggerli fino all'ordine di trasferimento. Per questa sua missione può contare sulla copertura di due fazioni: Pacifici e Abneganti. Tuttavia chiede di essere assegnata alla fazione degli Intrepidi con la mansione di sorvegliante degli Esclusi per aver una maggiore libertà di movimento all'interno della recinzione.

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This is a fan-fiction on my favourite couple Ranaji & Gayatri. My story starts after Gayatri is cured during their visit to the dargah.

6 months ago

added short poems to the beginning of few chapters

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Yamato: The New Adventures - Episode 7 Part 2

Yamato Serial, Fan Fiction Sequel of the six Yamato Movies from Japan "Final Yamato"

Formatted in Seven Part Mini Series like James Clavell's "Shogun"

new material

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