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There Were No Lifeboats

Got to thinking about how the fellow whose job it is to cut unproductive corporate elements or employees must approach his job. Probably like a synthesis of The Terminator and Ryan Bingham, Clooney's heartless "corporate downsizer" from "Up In The Air". It takes a special kind to excel in this position.

As always, Thanks to Paul Westley for helping us all get through another weekend.

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The Hypocritical Sanctuary

Please forgive me for getting a smidge political but even us tough guys get tired of reading how dumb we are everytime we open yahoo news links. Oh, and SNL, satirical swords often have two edges.

Vern is, of course, the fellow often addressed by the great actor Jim Varney, with whom I share an intellectual liniage Jimt

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Death Comes to WO

Write on Warriors will not succumb.

Category: Poetry, Non-Fiction

Tags: Story Cubes 41

reformatted. Hopefully it will read like a poem now.

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last night the moon

not been on here for ages then get an email saying its finishing. so be a shame not to add some before it ends..

Category: Poetry, Other

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Sonnet of the Day

Fans of Poe, Robert Frost, and Shakespeare will not be disappointed.

Category: Poetry, Fiction

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Check Engine Vengeance

What happens in the smog of mandated auto maintenance warfare

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Have you ever?

Recognition of dreaming and moving forward. We are all perfectly imperfect.

Updated wording.

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The Enabled Ascent

Establishing trust and empathy is vital to almost any successful partnership. It's critical when the survival of two separate species is at stake I had written this one previously but not published it anywhere. With a little rewrite, it seems to fit broadly under this week's topic.

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