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R.C.'s Book of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are beloved by all; children and adults, boys and girls. Written years before our time, these stories have been told and retold for many generations. These are my stories. Some will be familiar and close to our hearts, others, the old fairy tales with a twist. My only hope is that you enjoy the stories I write for you, and that I do the fairy tales that we all know and love justice.

R.C. Fletcher
11 hours ago

Written for Paul Westley's Prompt "Talent"! Vivian is offered a new talent by a strange little man.

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Talent Spotting

Sometimes you think you're onto a sure thing. And sometimes you're not.

John Nedwill
2 days ago

Written for 24th February Not the Weekend Write-In

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Time, like the sea, nibbles away at anything it can. But some things, buried deep within, lie safely out of reach.

Weekend write in (now situated on Wattpad): In 500 words, write a story where somebody discovers a new talent

Joyce Holt
2 days ago

I'm posting this story in both writers communities, this time around.

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The Train For Lonely People

A social recluse takes a ride on a train in order to sate his loneliness, but it turns out to be darker than he imagined.

A short story.

This is the final draft of this story. I sent it out to a few dozen literary magazines just to assess what the waters are like, and I received a handful of higher-tier rejections and a personalized one, so that's definitely encouraging! This is the final draft I have after going through it with David Rodeback's critiques in mind. His critiques have left me a better writer. Thank you, David. I don't know if thanking will ever be enough.

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Mostly True

Mr. Card is the biggest man in Columbia Valley, and he means to keep us safe.

Oops! Forgot to title my latest short story!

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Tales From MyBack Porch, a collection of stories from Darrell Ca

This is the first story in my book Tales from my Back porch. to be released later this spring.

Darrell Case
1 week ago

Please check my website http://www.darrellcase.com/ For updates, news and free books

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Diana The Huntress

Cover: Diana by Augustus Gaudens .

Tag line: And what did you do exciting to day Honey ?

A new kind of war fought by a new kind of Warrior, The Air force version of The American Sniper, Only a thousand times more deadly and with consequences that no one can even contemplate, at this writing. In uncharted waters, Legal , Ethical , Moral .Mental, and Physical.

there will be a heavy price to pay by every one involved in this deadly war of armed Unmanned Drones.

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The Heist

Once more, the Hare is up to his old tricks ... but has he met someone even trickier who is about to talk him into doing something, very, very stupid.

From the domain of the Mythical Creatures, across the border to the land of the Aesir and on towards Myth Vegas, the Hare embarks on an adventure where not only will he get the money and the girl, but he'll show that damn Tortoise he doesn't need him! Will it all work out?

The start of an epic Fantasy Adventure.

A look into the future (or future of the past) where two of our cast drink to the memory of fallen friends.

573 reads 528 likes 21 follows 896 comments

Invasion from the Appleverse

1. Imagine what happens when a question or situation has someone stumped.

2. Henri watches his hated counterpart out hiking.

3. Story Cubes May 18th - Pawprints, Glasses, beans

4. Story Cubes Round Two. 3. May 25th - Iguana. Rainbow. Pawn

5 + 6. Weekend Challenge. Imagine what happens when a birthday party takes a turn for the dramatic.

7. In 500 words, tell the story behind the large trophy on display in a character's home.

8. story that ends with the sound of a buzzer going off.

Henri arrives in all his martial glory.

328 reads 224 likes 6 follows 434 comments

La Fée Verte

Absinthe has long been regarded as the drink of artists and madmen. Which one is Alain?

John Nedwill
1 week ago

Written for Story Cubes 43.

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Baloney Ahoy!!!

When I run into this messy state of not being able to write something worthy of being called 'writing' (which is most of the time) and want to get out of the rut, I pin all my hopes on drivel. BaloneyOpus will be my writer's block baloney haven.

Stuff to read when one is in a mood to drown in drivel for the heck of it, and/or have nothing better to do with life. No logic, no message nothing - Just pure mindlessness.

No vulgarity though.

The Poor Stalker added

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The Jump Stories

Building a story 500 words at a time.

Weekend Write In - In 500 words what happens when a character....

Fix an inadvertently changed name. Meana should not be Mena. Thanks KV Wilson.

109 reads 58 likes 2 follows 84 comments

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