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Confidently bracing her trigger finger, Priscilla murders those who steal love that belongs to her. She believes she is a superwoman, able to plot and commit perfect murders. It seems she is right. No one ever suspects she murdered her little sister, her husband and her next-door-neighbor. When Priscilla’s daughter-in-law Linda tarnishes her son’s love for her, Priscilla readies her gun. But Linda buys a personal protection dog. Has Priscilla finally met her match?

Muriel Canfield
5 months ago

This is really the last draft. #4. If any of you are not tired of my book and would read and suggest, I'd be so helped and happy. If you do, only read chapters marked fourth draft. Thank you. I really really do want to pursue a publisher.

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Journey's Child

Twelve-year-old Gilly is about to journey through a summer filled with loss, guilt, bullies, and unlikely friendships. Told by her, it's the story of the summer when 'the terrible awful thing' happened. It's a poignant story that leads the reader down a path where broken, vulnerable people learn to forgive and let go of their guilt and grief. Unfortunately, this lesson comes at a high price. A past its prime art colony on the Oregon coast serves as the backdrop for Journey's Child.

Updates. Finally got our power back! Thanks for the edits, Barb.

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Personal Crusades

A noblewoman seeking a way to bring peace to her dead brother. A disgraced knight-turned apothecary. A love-struck stablehand. A man and woman unknowingly seeking each other. A fiery barmaid. An obese woman seeking a prince. A painter looking for his lot in life. Living in the uncertain world of London at the time of the Third Crusade, each of them and more are seeking their paths and are brought together. Danger and romance lurk around the corner...

R.C. Fletcher
2 hours ago

Finished. I'm moving it to Writer's Refuge now. Thanks to everyone for participating. I had a blast. :D

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An Allodyne Touch

In the aftermath of the Great Relocation, the population is only permitted to come together on the Neurolink. At first Lucas and his friends thought it a wondrous device, creating virtual worlds at the touch of a button. Then they discovered it had a defect. While they were on it, any form of contact made them sick. The more they used it, the worse it got until, one by one, they disappeared.

Another draft chapter. May as well keep going until the WO ship dips below the waves for the last time

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The vampire Bridget has lived for over 1500 years and seen the world change many times. She's dealt with the loss of family, friends, and lovers.

Somehow, though, losing Bastien in a terrorist attack is different.

She decides to do something and enlists other vampires to help.

Warning: Strong language

Sue Baron
1 day ago

Though our time grows shorter, I decided to post another chapter. As always, let me know what you think. :-)

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Mostly True

Mr. Card is the biggest man in Columbia Valley, and he means to keep us safe.

Oops! Forgot to title my latest short story!

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Odd Woman Out

Alex Raidho searches for self and soul as she travels along a literal and cerebral journey. Through diary entries and fiction writing, Alex reflects upon past accomplishments, exploits, and failures, and speculates whether she might be an odd woman out. Relationships, even those of a volatile and abusive nature, have impelled her down paths that may otherwise never have been taken. All—gratefully, she’ll concede—have expanded her vision, talent, and maturity.

Tyler Colins
3 days ago

The time is drawing nigh. One more "installment" and Odd Woman Out will be moving onward, sadly. Thank you.

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Byron King is a reclusive author trying to find the strength to write again after the death of his fiancee, but a haunting woman enters his life setting the pace for a tale of alcoholism, loneliness, and obsession. Is she a woman trying to ease his guilt-ridden mind or a supernatural figure hellbent on wrecking him mentally and physically? Or something worse? Her name will make him question everything he's ever known or written.... LILY.

Brian Bogart
4 weeks ago

edits. Gah. I need to stop editing as I go. I'll never get far at this rate.

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The Lamb

It's been a year since the world ended. Breeze and her friend Lucy have managed to survive since then, with no one to rely on except one another. Scavenging when they can, and avoiding the monsters that crept out of the cracks of the world when it shattered.

When they meet another pair of survivors who seem to know a great deal more about what is going on with the world, they join them in their travels. Sandalphon and Sammael have secrets, however. And secrets can be deadly in the apocalypse.

Sammael's chapter continues with more uncomfortable conversations, and questions to consider.

175 reads 94 likes 11 follows 34 comments

Vanilla Blood

One night can change everything…

Livia and Evan Hart—siblings, best friends, confidants—always planned to take the European journey they'd planned one drunken night, but tragedy leaves Livia no choice but to go alone. In London she meets Lucian Llewellyn, the alluring author of vampire novels. He offers her more than one night of bliss: the gift of immortality.

Is this Livia's chance to begin anew or will Lucian’s secrets lead her to an eternity of regret?

Sue Baron
1 week ago

I decided to split up There Are More Things in Heaven and Earth. It was a long chapter. Guess it doesn't matter much since our time is running short...

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Danny Foster is a typical teenager on the surface. The third child after two high achieving sisters, he just blends into the household, barely noticed. When his sister, Theresa, is paralyzed in a car crash on her way home for Thanksgiving break her freshman year of college, his world is upended and he sinks further into the background. When he finally gets away to college and meets Kim, his sister's double, he must confront issues that have haunted him his entire life.

Ch.29 posted

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The Ghostwriter's Legacy

Would we truly want to live forever?

Try to imagine the years stretching behind, but still endlessly ahead. Try to imagine the experience of that existence.

The conclusion of The Word of God.

Be aware, if you haven't read The Involuntary Ghostwriter and The Ghostwriter's Wife, the early chapters will contain spoilers.

Split a long chapter into three

24 reads 18 likes 3 follows 40 comments

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