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Girl at the Window

When Detective Alana Bosse is called to investigate a brutal murder in a small mid-west town, her suspicions lead her in the direction of the victim's daughter. There is no doubt that Clara wanted him dead after years of being controlled by him, but it all seems too neat and she isn’t confessing. She isn't the only one who isn't talking, when the townsfolk close ranks to keep a secret.

Not sure if the revelation in this chapter is revelation too far.

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Blackest Sacrifice

A story of colorism in modern Haitian society. A young black, Haitian girl, sold into servitude, discovers that to find freedom, she must undo curses and witchcraft that were performed before she had full consciousness. This is a true story of strength and heroism to break well established, but secret social codes that enslave a people according to the color of their skin.

Thanks to those who are following this story. You really are inspiration to write.

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Something Desired | Book 3

Jordan has reached her career & personal goals but realizes that goals are not everything & that gaining one thing causes other things that were good in her life to suffer. The man that at one time would do anything to make her happy now questions their relationship & her close friend Devon is going through tough times in his own marriage. The attention that her writing career has gained, attracts unwanted media attention that looms over her, her family & friends. Everything is unraveling...

C. R. Misty
4 days ago

m starting to reveal chapters of my upcoming #book "Something Desired" which comes out this summer! #Read it here first & be sure to check out the #Thunderclap campaign. Details are at the end of the chapter. Thanks

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Odd Woman Out

Alex Raidho searches for self and soul as she travels along a literal and cerebral journey. Through diary entries and fiction writing, Alex reflects upon past accomplishments, exploits, and failures, and speculates whether she might be an odd woman out. Relationships, even those of a volatile and abusive nature, have impelled her down paths that may otherwise never have been taken. All—gratefully, she’ll concede—have expanded her vision, talent, and maturity.

Tyler Colins
4 days ago

The time is drawing nigh. One more "installment" and Odd Woman Out will be moving onward, sadly. Thank you.

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Intimate Lines

While Nadia is shaking off the shackles of her strict family upbringing she meets Jake, a local art teacher. He guides her back to her love of drawing through an art project which becomes more intimate than planned.

Jenni Clarke
2 weeks ago

Have begun to post this story on Wattpad.

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Cinnamon Hill

When fraternal twins, Violet and Ivory open their Bed & Breakfast, Cinnamon Hill--they are shocked to hear one of their guests, Jeanette Lansing, reminisce about her early days as a maternity nurse, having delivered her first baby in that very house 50 years ago. Violet and Ivory soon realize Jeanette is referring to their own mother. But if Jeanette only delivered one baby, then which one of them was it? And where did the other come from?

DJ Dalasio
2 weeks ago

Write On is closing in March, and here I am for 1 year struggling to make the novel work. POV, plot, tense, punctuation problems galore. Whose story is it? I will take the story down, reconsider choosing 1 main character--Violet, and fixing the errors. Anyone who wants to keep in touch, Facebook or ddalasio@msn.com.THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR YOUR INTEREST!

252 reads 61 likes 27 follows 66 comments

The Taste of Air

USA Today Bestseller

Nell and Bridget discover their mother has been hiding a secret life for over forty years..

When Mary Reilly turns up in a hospital hundreds of miles from the senior community where she lives, her daughters find out how she has dealt with regret. Mary has a second home and a set of complex relationships with people they have never met.

Mary's hideaway is the vault for family secrets never suspected, and the gateway to change for all three women.

2 weeks ago

New cover, with the USA Today bestseller info included. Please follow me on Facebook when WriteOn closes! Find me at facebook/GailCleareAuthor.

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The Legacy

When Lily's partner dies she sees it as the chance to right a terrible wrong. A wrong that haunted them both for years. But first she must go back to the beginning and trace the people involved.

Not much point adding more of this as write on is about to be zapped, but anyone who might like to read it can find more of the story on my blog https://dianemdickson.wordpress.com

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Chancin' It

Bullrider Chance Mason has sworn off women. But when he hears the woman at the bar berating the cowboy life he can't stand by. The only way she can learn is to spend some time in his boots and other clothing.

Whitley VanBuren is between a rock and a hard place. She has one month of freedom before her life is no longer her own. So when Chance offers an opportunity to let her hair down with him how can she resist? The better question is how can she keep from falling for the slow talking cowboy?

L. Douglas
8 months ago

Just some edits.

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Winning Pace

It's been ten years since Gunner Pace pushed the woman he loves out of his life. Ten years since his identical twin brother's death derailed his life. He's accepted his fate. Until her grandma's death brings his love home to Miller's Bend and him.

The last place Josephine Winchester wants to be is Miller's Bend. But if she wants to inherit the family mansion she has to live there for ninety days. The question is can she do her time without losing her heart to Gunner Pace all over again.

Laura G
6 months ago

fixed an issue

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A thin line between love and obsession.

Rosalind's father crossed that line.

A big house, full of passion and secrets.

The silence of shadows deafening.

Over-protection is detrimental.

Rosalind is loved greatly by her father and Nanny.

Rosalind always tries to please and placate him.

Who is the lady that appears only to Rosa?

Can a father love too much?

Would you keep a secret that might ruin your life to protect another?

Nanny does.

*Cover given to me by kinkistyles - wattpad*

4 weeks ago

just a few chapters up here now self-published on Amazon. A review from anyone that's read and enjoyed would be awesome. xx https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=obsession+by+Susan+O%27Reilly

295 reads 90 likes 26 follows 114 comments

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