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Unknown Diners

Their longstanding friendship deepens when wine and food reviewers Lorne and Catherine meet again seven months after she was widowed by murder. As they help each other work through their traumatic pasts, they become entangled in the dark world of sexual perversion and body modification. They face mutilation and death from past tormentors as they scramble to unravel organised manipulation in the restaurant trade.

This is a story of passion and suspense in a dark corner of the human condition.

Michael Walsh
15 hours ago

Tweaking from Wattpad feedback.

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Spilt Wine

David is visiting France, searching for wines to import for his growing company when he encounters a wine theft and a missing friend. While he comforts his friend’s wife, Catherine, their lives are threatened. Intensifying circumstances draw them closer together, and they uncover their buried traumas, insecurities and longings. This is a tale of mounting realisations, passions and love, woven through a gripping crime thriller on the Burgundy canals and in the French wine business of the 1980s.

Tweaking from Wattpad feedback.

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Early in World War One a young Canadian soldier is trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enemy territory, he meets a young woman who recently lost her father and brothers to the war. She takes him home to meet her mother, hoping he can help them escape back to their family roots in Switzerland. As they flee over the mountains, love blossoms and stirs old traumas. He's torn between following his heart and honouring his sworn duty

More tweaks from Wattpad.

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Absent minded, Sherlock Holmes admirer, Miranda is asked to help solve a possible murder. The sheriff in town has eyes for her and asks her for assistance in uncovering clues. In the death of one of the towns board members.

They uncover way more than they bargained for, with clones, wolves and microscopic mind controlling chips and a devious plan to take over the world. With otherworldly forces from both sides of the spectrum at their side this mystery is sure to grab and entertain you.

4 chapts up :-)

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Personal Crusades

A noblewoman seeking a way to bring peace to her dead brother. A disgraced knight-turned apothecary. A love-struck stablehand. A man and woman unknowingly seeking each other. A fiery barmaid. An obese woman seeking a prince. A painter looking for his lot in life. Living in the uncertain world of London at the time of the Third Crusade, each of them and more are seeking their paths and are brought together. Danger and romance lurk around the corner...

Finished. I'm moving it to Writer's Refuge now. Thanks to everyone for participating. I had a blast. :D

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Tales From MyBack Porch, a collection of stories from Darrell Ca

This is the first story in my book Tales from my Back porch. to be released later this spring.

Darrell Case
1 week ago

Please check my website http://www.darrellcase.com/ For updates, news and free books

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Something Desired | Book 3

Jordan has reached her career & personal goals but realizes that goals are not everything & that gaining one thing causes other things that were good in her life to suffer. The man that at one time would do anything to make her happy now questions their relationship & her close friend Devon is going through tough times in his own marriage. The attention that her writing career has gained, attracts unwanted media attention that looms over her, her family & friends. Everything is unraveling...

C. R. Misty
1 week ago

m starting to reveal chapters of my upcoming #book "Something Desired" which comes out this summer! #Read it here first & be sure to check out the #Thunderclap campaign. Details are at the end of the chapter. Thanks

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Intimate Lines

While Nadia is shaking off the shackles of her strict family upbringing she meets Jake, a local art teacher. He guides her back to her love of drawing through an art project which becomes more intimate than planned.

Jenni Clarke
3 weeks ago

Have begun to post this story on Wattpad.

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Back In Action

In the early months of the First World War, a young Canadian soldier uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture after being wounded fighting in Flanders. While escaping through Germany to the Swiss border, he becomes intimately entwined with a beautiful woman and her British-Swiss family. Safely in Switzerland, his mission turns to plans of sabotage and to other ways of slowing the German war machine. This is a story of deep passion and intense love twined through the turmoil of war.

Michael Walsh
2 weeks ago

Continuing to fine-tune.

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Evidence: Past-Life Memories

“Sometimes, life calls us back to live again.”

Maggie Warner has a gift of memory concerning all the days of this life, and some from her last one. Her family has doubts concerning Maggie's memories of a past life, with understandable reasons. Only Robert Malone, neuropsychologist, and his memory inducing technology can prove her claim. His godson, Jack, gives her confidence to hunt, strength to face what comes, and encouragement to see it through, as their love grows.

Sue Hart
2 weeks ago

I've been updating the chapters of this book, with edits from Sue Baron, Michael Walsh, K.V. Wilson, and Kate McGinn on Wattpad.

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Winter's Icy Caress

Clare Thibodeaux' life has changed dramatically. She is in love and newly engaged. Christmas is only a few weeks away, but young women start disappearing. The community of Bayfield is on high alert as the FBI starts investigating. Clare wants to help with the efforts to find the women but discovers she is the next target and the culprit could be someone she knows.

Kate McGinn
2 weeks ago

Reposted with new cover

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Tales From The Story: Sleeping Beauty

For all of her almost sixteen years of life, Briar Rose has been living under not one but TWO curses. Her first curse is on her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Her second and far-worse curse is that on that same day she is to marry a man she's never met. When at last Briar and Edmund do meet, it's not love at first sight for Briar. The two of them embark on a journey to find a cure for Briar's first curse, and Briar must find it in her heart to love him.

R.C. Fletcher
2 weeks ago

Chapter 3! Edmund argues with Briar's father to get the chance to break her curse.

8 reads 9 likes 3 follows 16 comments

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