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God's Love - Unconditional or Conditional?

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Oh, What's the Point?

I have removed all my other works from this site, pending reconsideration of its demise. This essay is the only pertinent message I wish to post at the moment. Thank you.

Add your support. Thanks!

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Everything to gain, and nothing to lose. :)

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WriteOn Refugees' Contact Directory

Put in the comments your email address and any other places we can contact you, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, etc. Whatever you want to share. If you use an alias here, but your real name on other sites, please be sure to give me your real name. I will add everyone in the directory by first name or alias. Each "chapter" will be a letter of the alphabet. Before the shut down, I'll download and email it to everyone that participated.If enough interest, will do a Excel spreadsheet for importing.

Let's stay in touch as we move on from WriteOn! Please leave your email address and anywhere you want to be found in the comments and I will add you to the directory. Before the shut down, I will email everyone who participated the contact directory!

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In 500 words, write a story in which someone stays calm.

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Should a Christians's love toward others be unconditional?

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Tell The Words

Such a strong and powerful thing to be able to look at everybody with smiling faces, ready to celebrate lies, waiting for you to lie, pretend, and hide the harsh truth as they had warned you to years ago, and despite it all to go against their wish and speak the ugly truth, to resolve problems cleanly without hidden stench. I am glad to have been able to do this. We find our lost spirits and souls this way.

Stream of consciousness journals

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Things I've learnt in my life time.

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Is there a guide that will help me grow spiritually?

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Surviving Cancer: A Story of Hope

Cancer can be a very frightening and hopeless thing. I see story after story of people who have lost family, love, body parts, security, dexterity, energy, humanity... themselves. Cancer has taken all this from them. I am one of the lucky ones. I have hope. By writing, I hope to share my journey, share my story, and most importantly share my hope with others.

Cancer is a scary word. I am living it. But I am also determined to be a survivor. Even if it kills me. This is my story.

Well well, it finally happened. The book is up on Amazon!

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Flash Mob

A memoir, for 'tis the season to reminisce. This one's for you, Paul.

Written for the non-sponsored weekend write in 'Flash Mob'.

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Death Comes to WO

Write on Warriors will not succumb.

Category: Poetry, Non-Fiction

Tags: Story Cubes 41

reformatted. Hopefully it will read like a poem now.

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