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WriteOn Refugees' Contact Directory

Put in the comments your email address and any other places we can contact you, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, etc. Whatever you want to share. If you use an alias here, but your real name on other sites, please be sure to give me your real name. I will add everyone in the directory by first name or alias. Each "chapter" will be a letter of the alphabet. Before the shut down, I'll download and email it to everyone that participated.If enough interest, will do a Excel spreadsheet for importing.

I added a section Group Website pages, to put any group pages/forums. Like on Facebook and Wattpad. If you have any to add, please note the direct link to the group page in the comments and I will add.

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Oh, What's the Point?

I have removed all my other works from this site, pending reconsideration of its demise. This essay is the only pertinent message I wish to post at the moment. Thank you.

Add your support. Thanks!

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Diana The Huntress

Cover: Diana by Augustus Gaudens .

Tag line: And what did you do exciting to day Honey ?

A new kind of war fought by a new kind of Warrior, The Air force version of The American Sniper, Only a thousand times more deadly and with consequences that no one can even contemplate, at this writing. In uncharted waters, Legal , Ethical , Moral .Mental, and Physical.

there will be a heavy price to pay by every one involved in this deadly war of armed Unmanned Drones.

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Everything to gain, and nothing to lose. :)

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Baloney Ahoy!!!

When I run into this messy state of not being able to write something worthy of being called 'writing' (which is most of the time) and want to get out of the rut, I pin all my hopes on drivel. BaloneyOpus will be my writer's block baloney haven.

Stuff to read when one is in a mood to drown in drivel for the heck of it, and/or have nothing better to do with life. No logic, no message nothing - Just pure mindlessness.

No vulgarity though.

The Poor Stalker added

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The Ghostwriter's Legacy

Would we truly want to live forever?

Try to imagine the years stretching behind, but still endlessly ahead. Try to imagine the experience of that existence.

The conclusion of The Word of God.

Be aware, if you haven't read The Involuntary Ghostwriter and The Ghostwriter's Wife, the early chapters will contain spoilers.

Split a long chapter into three

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And the Band Played On

Try as I could, there was no upbeat story that came to mind for a Titanic theme. Maybe it's the weather.

From Paul: This week (thanks, John :) ), our not the weekend write in challenge is themed "Titanic":

In 500 words, write a story in which someone stays calm

Tom Walborn
2 weeks ago

Grey and gloomy here today. Blame this one on the weather.

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The Wordsmith's Coffer

A collection of short stories, primarily weekend write-in entries.

R S Ramanujam
2 weeks ago

Written for the weekend write-in theme: Titanic. Write a story in which someone stays calm.

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Through Immortal Eye's

Look into a world filled with twists and turns of fantasy and reality. A place with right and wrong. And a continuation that last far longer than a life time. Look into the eyes of someone much different them yourself. Through Immortal's Eye.

Category: Other

Tags: Historic,

2 weeks ago

I have to figure this out then ill start writing

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The Involuntary Ghostwriter - Excerpt

Were the authors of the Holy books not ghostwriters for God? Were they given a choice?

A boon gave Jonathon Fry a year to write his novel. But, he was soon haunted by erotic dreams of a woman he had never met, and his mind flooded with memories that were not his own.

His wife was the beneficiary of his late night arousal - until he’d answered her question honestly: What got his hormones in an uproar?

She would not let him use her body, while he fantasied about a beautiful younger woman!

Kindle edition currently Free on Amazon.

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The Ghostwriter's Wife

Annie Fry discovers her husband's blog, awakes from erotic dreams of her own and a has sexual reawakening of which Jonathon ironically becomes the beneficiary. He faces the choice; remain silent this time and be grateful for his wife's renewed affections, or risk the truth destroying their lives.

The blog's narrator tells of his quest for wealth and his wife's for immortality.

Readers of Ghostwriter, will see Annie in a new light, when the perspective is her own.

I'll finish posting the last few updates here, but look for me on Wattpad moving forward.

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The Imperialist Club for Gentlemen

A silly, funny, yet thought-provoking novella. Based on a true story.

A silly, funny book, based on a true story.

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