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Blackest Sacrifice

A story of colorism in modern Haitian society. A young black, Haitian girl, sold into servitude, discovers that to find freedom, she must undo curses and witchcraft that were performed before she had full consciousness. This is a true story of strength and heroism to break well established, but secret social codes that enslave a people according to the color of their skin.

Thanks to those who are following this story. You really are inspiration to write.

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Tell The Words

Such a strong and powerful thing to be able to look at everybody with smiling faces, ready to celebrate lies, waiting for you to lie, pretend, and hide the harsh truth as they had warned you to years ago, and despite it all to go against their wish and speak the ugly truth, to resolve problems cleanly without hidden stench. I am glad to have been able to do this. We find our lost spirits and souls this way.

Stream of consciousness journals

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Flash Mob

A memoir, for 'tis the season to reminisce. This one's for you, Paul.

Written for the non-sponsored weekend write in 'Flash Mob'.

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Moving can be very traumatic for a young child. But it can also be a learning experience.

J Dee
4 weeks ago

Been away a while. Trying to get back into it.

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Buried in The Beautiful Gathering, packed tight in a hopefulness that gives rise to strength, success and courage, is an unspeakable tragedy. It unfolds through an intimate tale of divided loyalties, ardor and dangerous secrets revealed by a protagonist who inhabits her words with forbidding, seductive detachment. Her voice, awash in an unlikely and childlike faith, weaves a story of loss, loneliness and uncertainty that bears questions for all of us: How do we endure? Build on a broken past?

Category: Memoirs

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A mystery at midnight.

This weekend's challenge: In 500 words, write a story in which a horn goes off.

Joyce Holt
1 month ago

Based on one sleep-deprived night nearly four years ago--

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Here, There and Everywhere.

Here, There and Everywhere tells of travel in the 1970's and 1980's, an era long-gone,as well as some tales of of my eleven and a half years as an Air-Hostess during that period. How time has flown and how much the world has changed. Sit down with your tea, coffee or 'bubbly', fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride back through the mists of the 70's and 80's. Please, no pressing the call-bell during this trip! Welcome to your in-flight entertainment.

You get two for the price of one today;( i.e. I've posted two chapters in one day). The ending of this will shock you! Something I've always wanted to say.

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Floridians: Real Stories from the Sunshine State

This is one of the seventeen Real Stories published in Floridians: Real Stories from the Sunshine State.

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We Lack a Word

An experimental collection of rhythmic prose and poetry written as a 20 year old student in the early 70's.

A.J. Thibault
2 months ago

Just catching up and adding new chapters. Some of these sound like lyrics to me.

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We go through life without seeing the trouble others go through, too focused on our own lives. We are too distracted to notice pain people around us may be feeling. Sometimes it feels as if we’re the only ones going through though times. The truth, often hidden deep within the broken hearts of those who suffer from life’s difficulties, only revealed when it’s too late already...

Small story of the lives of so many people and teenagers, written in the form of fiction - yet it's reality...

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Every motorcyclist I know -- or have heard of -- that has met deer at speed has been carried from the scene.

Paul Glanville
2 months ago

Found & patched errors

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