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Acquainted With The Night

Alexa has a very dark past and present, so she shuns all but the briefest of contact with others.

After losing his long-time love, Annette, Reid du Lore meets Alexa at the Middle-Night Fair, but she disappears before he can find out anything about her. Obsessed with seeing her once more, he spends every evening searching for her at the night festivals that are endemic to his native city. He has no idea where his obsession will lead him.

A. L. Peevey
9 months ago

Revisit the story, and rediscover why you liked it to begin with! The story will go on!

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Byron King is a reclusive author trying to find the strength to write again after the death of his fiancee, but a haunting woman enters his life setting the pace for a tale of alcoholism, loneliness, and obsession. Is she a woman trying to ease his guilt-ridden mind or a supernatural figure hellbent on wrecking him mentally and physically? Or something worse? Her name will make him question everything he's ever known or written.... LILY.

Brian Bogart
4 weeks ago

edits. Gah. I need to stop editing as I go. I'll never get far at this rate.

183 reads 77 likes 13 follows 45 comments

The Lamb

It's been a year since the world ended. Breeze and her friend Lucy have managed to survive since then, with no one to rely on except one another. Scavenging when they can, and avoiding the monsters that crept out of the cracks of the world when it shattered.

When they meet another pair of survivors who seem to know a great deal more about what is going on with the world, they join them in their travels. Sandalphon and Sammael have secrets, however. And secrets can be deadly in the apocalypse.

Sammael's chapter continues with more uncomfortable conversations, and questions to consider.

175 reads 94 likes 11 follows 34 comments

12 reads 5 likes 0 follows 14 comments

MIMIC: American Horror

After his surviving the war in Vietnam, Mike Erickson's wife and son are relieved to finally have him home, but their happiness is short lived when soon after Mike's arrival 14-year old Cole is attacked in the woods while playing with friends.

After doctors diagnose Cole with a minor bacterial infection and send him home, Mike and his wife soon discover that their son has been possessed by a demonic force, and with nowhere else to turn, they seek help from a very unlikely source...the Mimic

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Aislinn starts having nightmares a few days after her birthday and they get more real each time she falls asleep. As her friends grow more concerned, she tries to figure out a way to escape the nightmares. Her problems aren't that easily solved however, and it seems things will only get worse; especially when her friend turns out to be more than just an ordinary friend...

As the story goes on, more becomes clear about the demon world Dylix and what every millennium brings...

19 reads 3 likes 4 follows 0 comments

They call him Lucius

She didn't want to remember, ever... She just wanted to forget, forget the past ten years ever happened...


An undercover operation to catch a very dangerous man goes terribly wrong. Instead of catching and locking him up, special agent Amy Jensen is the one who loses her freedom. Will she ever be able to escape the horrible nightmare that her life has become?

17 reads 4 likes 1 follow 2 comments

Walter's Whirligig Wonderland

Charles wakes up on the abandoned set of a children's show, where his dark past has come back to let him know that it is not through with him yet.

A.J. Spencer
4 weeks ago

Walter Whirligig will be returning very soon!

40 reads 13 likes 5 follows 27 comments


Mike's dream comes true when he finds the love of his life online. Now his only obstacle is to find a way to win her over.Leading him down a dark path of obsession. Originally Written for the Unrequited Weekend Write In.

A.J. Spencer
4 weeks ago

Another chapter coming soon!

54 reads 29 likes 4 follows 47 comments


Written for the weekend write-in prompt: "In 500 words, write a story in which a horn goes off."

12 reads 9 likes 1 follow 16 comments

Horrors, Inc.

Eddie Watson, a simple janitor working at one of the most advanced pharmaceutical and tech companies in the world finds himself dragged into a fight for his life as the company comes under attack from forces that Eddie can't explain. As he and other survivors move deeper into complex where Eddie works, the company's darker secrets are reveled as the two face meet others trying to survive and try and escape the increasingly horrific monsters that now roam the building.

Added Chapter 4

13 reads 8 likes 1 follow 2 comments


Un uomo cinico. Un insieme di personaggi, destinati a morire in modo mediocre, così come hanno vissuto.

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