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Mission:SRX #4: Commander's Wrath

Lost, alone and on the drift, Commander Grant has secured Earth and bought his alliance precious moments to breathe. The cost was high: the compromise of their alien capital ship.

Now locked in a race against time, the band of human warriors must scour the galaxy in search of their most valuable technology before it can be used against them. While the embers of the trail go cold, the commander's focus burns hotter as his team struggles to understand their new home in the expanding universe

M D White
15 hours ago

Roaring to a strong finish but the story's far from over! Thank you for all the feedback along the way. Stop by www.amazon.com/author/mdwhite and stay in the know for Commander's Wrath and the future releases to come! -WMD

12 reads 32 likes 2 follows 15 comments

An Allodyne Touch

In the aftermath of the Great Relocation, the population is only permitted to come together on the Neurolink. At first Lucas and his friends thought it a wondrous device, creating virtual worlds at the touch of a button. Then they discovered it had a defect. While they were on it, any form of contact made them sick. The more they used it, the worse it got until, one by one, they disappeared.

Another draft chapter. May as well keep going until the WO ship dips below the waves for the last time

230 reads 218 likes 21 follows 95 comments

The Perfect Human

Quorra Triton, a cold, calculating teenage girl has been chosen to become a "Perfect Human", along with nine other test subjects.

She will be everything she's ever dreamed of.

Pretty. Smart. Strong. Immortal.

But the Perfect Human lacks one thing:


In a world where perfection will become the norm, Quorra has to make a radical decision.

She can sacrifice her family and the boy who loves her

. . . or see the entire human race as we know it lose everything forever.

I thought I'd post the last draft here. This is the draft I had after implementing all of David Rodeback's ideas, suggestions, and edits. The manuscript now is cleaner, more economical, and I learned a great deal about revising along the way (that experience was crucially invaluable). It is worth mentioning, also, that this draft is not the final draft; I will be working on another in the year ahead using 95% of the prose here. Thank you, David, for helping me become a better writer.

1447 reads 448 likes 178 follows 337 comments

TIME RATS Book 3: Fixing the Future

Liam Roth fails to collect Floss for a date. When she and Jace time travel to 2135 to try to find him, they find the future has changed, and not in a way they like.

Floss discovers what is in the bottle Quinn gave her...

34 reads 26 likes 5 follows 44 comments

Morrowspark Waning

After an ancient war in the cosmos, Vast Hurm, a monstrous galactic ship seeds any world within its path with night-haunting horrors and deadly wind storms. Meet Ruthur, Linka, Geb, Drewk, and Arring of Relnel, each fighting the demise of their world in their own way.

"Darkness is oblivion. Fight the darkness!"

A. L. Peevey
7 months ago

Here is Chapter 24, in which Darz bids farewell to Arring.

38 reads 54 likes 6 follows 27 comments

Messengers of Fate

After a terrible war annihilating half the human race, can the humans ever be trusted to make their own decisions again?

Charlie Everton is a Messenger. Her job is to pass messages from Fate to the humans of Earth in the hopes of preventing another catastrophic war. All is going well, until Charlie one day sends a message to the wrong person.

With the help of her mentor, Charlie must go to Earth and stop the message before it is delivered. But what she finds there will change her life forever.

Starting a new story :) I'm uploading it to other sites, too, but thought I'd post it here to make the most of WriteOn's last few weeks. Let me know what you think! :)

7 reads 9 likes 4 follows 7 comments

Next Ship From Earth

In the distant future sleeper ships take colonists from Earth to the outer planets.

But sometimes they don't get where they're supposed to go.

Ariom Dahl
6 days ago

Still messy but worth updating as the front page is moving again. :)

44 reads 52 likes 6 follows 43 comments

Cold Solar

The first Mars colonies were brutalized like cattle for Earth's benefit. They dug too deep into the Martian rock and discovered an ancient weapon. Sixteen years after their rebellion, the new Martian kingdom sends an ambassador on a peaceful voyage to Earth where she is attacked, resulting in a Martian colonial invasion. For one history teacher and pro sword fighter, Mark Bowen, it's a race against time to find out who launched the attack, or die in the process.

New Chapter! I had a crazy week last week that ended with completely rebooting my netbook that I use for writing. No worries though! My creative juices are still flowing! Would love to hear what you guys think!

365 reads 302 likes 30 follows 406 comments

The Jump Stories

Building a story 500 words at a time.

Weekend Write In - In 500 words what happens when a character....

Fix an inadvertently changed name. Meana should not be Mena. Thanks KV Wilson.

109 reads 58 likes 2 follows 84 comments

And We Will Have Snow

Global warming, global cooling, what if all the predictions are right?

Or worse, what if all the predictions are wrong?

Can humans truly hope to understand the complexities attendant on such changes, never mind explain their relationships and predict their effects?

The people at WBI - Walden Biodiversity Institute - think they can. At the very least, they intend to prepare as well as possible for the changes to come, whatever they may be.

Space Dream:


Jim Heter
1 week ago

Just began reposting this on Wattpad here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/JimHeter

299 reads 374 likes 14 follows 297 comments

Perfect Chloe

A crazy old man has just offered Ted the chance to design his dream girl, and have her come to life. Thinking this is yet another dating site, Ted sets out to create his perfect partner, Chloe, not for a moment imagining that his dream is about to come true, and his life turned upside down.

My collection of short stories on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Monkey-Twist-Really-Short-Stories-ebook/dp/B01549CPKY

Paul Westley
6 months ago

On yet another final walkthrough. Please criticize like I'm your least favorite politician.

3198 reads 2657 likes 314 follows 680 comments

The Last Boys

In the wake of devastating pandemic, only four children survive in a remote Scottish village. When the last adult dies they must learn to fend for themselves.

David McKeown
2 weeks ago

Hi. I am in the process of moving the book to Wattpad. You can follow the story here. https://www.wattpad.com/story/98466729-the-last-boys Thank you. David

227 reads 110 likes 24 follows 148 comments

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