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Quest of the Five Clans, Book 1: the Blood Tartan

Long ago a mysterious family of mad geniuses split into five clans; feuding, hiding, hording their secrets of fighting and art, magic and mystery. Now at the dawn of the cold industrial 19th century, only the five clans together can hold back the blood-red tide.

Unless they dive into it laughing. I did say 'mad'.

Just to show that I have not ONLY been playing video games since 'Angels'. Also to make certain people laugh. You know who you people are.

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Adaleide in Ozghard

A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and winds up somewhere over the rainbow. Adaleide's arrival in "the Enduring Land" results in the death of a beloved leader, so she and her inner "Ada" will have to tread lightly to make it back home alive.

This Watty-winning novel is a loose retelling of both Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but heavily influenced by Norse mythology, the Cthulhu Mythos, and the works of Philip K. Dick.

Length: 75,400 words, 302 pages

Prologue added!

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This is a story about a boy, a good place to start I guess. It could have been anyone really, so that doesn’t exactly make this boy special. It does, however, make this boy’s life a little short. A little sad. But again, I’m just waffling. Let’s start somewhere in the beginning, not too far because that’d ruin the most crucial details. Is anyone even reading this? If you are, be prepared to question the world around you. There’s more to it than it initially seems.

fixed chapter 'Is This It' because it didn't actually have the chapter in it. Slowly working through editing.

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One Man's Journey

Adam lived a carefree life between the borders of two rival kingdoms. He worried little of the brewing war. One night, demonic creatures assail his home town, shattering his previously calm life. Robbed of half his family and all of his eye sight, Adam starts a tough journey that goes beyond his wildest imagination.

Category: Fantasy

Tags: Fantasy

1 day ago

Chapter 83, the return of Adam!

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Rachel Andric and Final Death

Rachel Andric has undergone Final Death. Will Scarlet alone remembers her and her Story, and he struggles to remind The Story of her. While Will fights the Editor in The Story, Rachel fights to escape Final Death with the help of a few old friends while fending off attacks from Carson. Can Will remind The Story of Rachel Andric? Can Rachel escape from Final Death, or will Carson be the end of her?

The third book in the Rachel Andric series.

Chapter 38! Rachel returns home to retrieve the key to defeating the Editor.

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Later, they’d tell him that it was James who’d found him. Later, James would tell the police that it was merely a coincidence that he’d happened by again in the first place; he’d forgotten something, a hat maybe, didn’t really seem that important next to everything else, but he did and that’s when he’d seen him. Ozzie. His best friend. Staring at nothing. Sitting in a dark pool of his parent’s blood.

Bomb Cover by: @VaineLuchia

3 weeks ago

overhaul of the story. new cover new verything

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The Fallen Memory

Being immortal is hell - especially for a Fallen Angel.

It's a curse disguised as a blessing - at least that's how Ryder Blackhart views it. Ryder has been condemned to wander the earth in search for his lost love. Yet every time he finds her, his curse takes her away.

But this time is different.

He's not the only one who feels the connection they share. Now it's up to him to find out a way to break their curse before everything goes up in flames - and the girl he loves is gone forever.

Hey the newest edition of my book is on wattpad.com It it under The Fallen Memory by Belle Marie. The cover art is the same!!! Thank you so much for reading my book!!! I hope that you will continue to follow me on wattpad!!! Here is the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/98809132-the-fallen-memory Thanks again for all your support!!! -Belle

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R.C.'s Book of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are beloved by all; children and adults, boys and girls. Written years before our time, these stories have been told and retold for many generations. These are my stories. Some will be familiar and close to our hearts, others, the old fairy tales with a twist. My only hope is that you enjoy the stories I write for you, and that I do the fairy tales that we all know and love justice.

Weekend write in! Written for Paul Westley's "Moving Day". Gothel enacts her plan to move Rapunzel away from her family.

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Skye could never explain the strange connection she felt to the wild. But everything starts to come together when she finds herself in the midst of a centuries-old conflict between Lycans, humans, and three mysterious spirits who accidentally brought this never-ending war upon the world. When an ancient cult resurfaces, hell-bent on exterminating every last shapeshifter on Earth, Skye must push her fears aside and stand up for what she believes in, no matter what the cost.

K.V. Wilson
3 days ago

I'm marking Spiritborne as complete! Thanks so much for sticking with me! :) I'm going through one final read before I’ll start submitting it for publication (the most current edit is on wattpad).

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Prince of Attania

Attan, son of Jet and Doll, is an Elemental who is closer to his elemental nature than to his human side. Attania is a land where both Family, who are descended from elementals, and non-family, who are solidly human, coexist. King Jet has worked hard to bring all the peoples of Attania together in harmony, and on the surface, it's working. But not everyone agrees.

Eve Mak
3 days ago

Sorry this one is so late--I got roped into painting, and didn't realize that also meant taping doorways and hanging plastic first--needless to say, five hours later, I got to sit down and finish this chapter.

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Psyche Twist

Mourning a loss, Nezha Zaman is gifted with a light and transported to an alternate dimension. There, she meets two unicorns who live a double life as angels. They explain that the light is a fragment of the Angel of Mercy’s soul, shattered by the now demonic Iron Prince. Together they embark on a journey to find the pieces of the soul. Nezha vows to avenge her loved one and master her powers. But in order to accomplish it all, she’ll have to stay alive.

3 days ago

Changed chapter 1 and changed only a little bit of chapter 2. : ) Thank you for the support everyone!

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Imprint- a Novel

When Rachel McKenna loses her job, her mother suggests working for a family friend at the Jade Dragon Antique shop for the summer. Rachel accepts the job with some reluctance, soon slipping back into old habits.

Atsuhiko Abe is an art dealer in the greater Chicago area. A man with a dark past and victim to a centuries-old curse.

When Rachel encounters Atsuhiko's ancestral sword their fates entwine as he vows to protect her from the ghost of his wife, demons, and hidden desire.

2 months ago

Major revision.

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