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Nerdy Natalie

Tale of Natalie a girl who loves to read and write and her struggles to fit in.

2 months ago

Some editing any and all feedback appreciated x

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Invasion from the Appleverse

1. Imagine what happens when a question or situation has someone stumped.

2. Henri watches his hated counterpart out hiking.

3. Story Cubes May 18th - Pawprints, Glasses, beans

4. Story Cubes Round Two. 3. May 25th - Iguana. Rainbow. Pawn

5 + 6. Weekend Challenge. Imagine what happens when a birthday party takes a turn for the dramatic.

7. In 500 words, tell the story behind the large trophy on display in a character's home.

8. story that ends with the sound of a buzzer going off.

Henri arrives in all his martial glory.

328 reads 224 likes 6 follows 434 comments

This is a dead Parrot

Monty Python Tribute. The Parrot is a euphemism for a certain dead writer's forum.

1 week ago

The Parrot is a euphemism for a dead forum

7 reads 4 likes 1 follow 4 comments

Amoeba Boogie

What has science wrought?

Based on the Neil Innes song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MHF6jTO_wEg

John Nedwill
2 weeks ago

Written for Story Cubes 42.

11 reads 8 likes 0 follows 19 comments

Birgitta the Nun

Birgitta the Nun, the grumpiest sister ever taking vows, is forever hiding in the Monastery. She wants nothing but to mind her own business - pleasantly seated in her favorite chair in front of a good fire - but is forced on an adventure as a wizard turns up at the monastery, stirring things up with her useless staff and wayward manners. Suddenly Birgitta finds herself on a quest, searching for friendship just as much as longing for solitude.

S.L. Jones
1 month ago

So, now it's all up there - the whole novel. All feedback welcome. Thanks!

89 reads 255 likes 8 follows 139 comments

The Hypocritical Sanctuary

Please forgive me for getting a smidge political but even us tough guys get tired of reading how dumb we are everytime we open yahoo news links. Oh, and SNL, satirical swords often have two edges.

Vern is, of course, the fellow often addressed by the great actor Jim Varney, with whom I share an intellectual liniage Jimt

6 reads 2 likes 0 follows 8 comments

The Imperialist Club for Gentlemen

A silly, funny, yet thought-provoking novella. Based on a true story.

A silly, funny book, based on a true story.

8 reads 0 likes 0 follows 0 comments

Bizarre TRiUMPhant Tales

A mini collection of Bizarre TRiUMPhant Tales.

1. Reunion - Two women disagree about an old classmate at their 20 year reunion. One is a fan and the other isn't.

2. Forbidden Girlmance - Two women from feuding families struggle to be together against the wishes of their respective clans.

3. Bloody Immigrants - Donny tells his shrink he's had a bizarre dream where he became President of the United States!

4. President's Club - A card game turns into a tricky situation for Bill.

More to come.

A few corrections to MY LITTLE PONY - All grammar and spelling mistakes are deliberate.

72 reads 56 likes 6 follows 124 comments

Channeling Alec Baldwin

Written for the weekend write-in: “Abandoned”: In 500 words, write a story in which a good friend suddenly leaves.

Just a little silliness on this rather sad weekend. Don't hate me. Any resemblance to any living person is purely coincidental. Trust me.

16 reads 13 likes 0 follows 19 comments


For years, the Roach family have lived a happy, quiet life in the walls of Dave's house until one day out of nowhere their safe existence is threatened by the sudden appearance of a beautiful woman who steals the heart of their lonely caretaker - a woman named Lucy, who is in fact a hybrid black widow spider in search of a mate, the Roach family springs into action to save their home.

But Lucy is quite a force to be reckoned with and to her, the roaches are common, mouth-watering prey...

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To Dye Or Not To Die

WriteOn Weekend Write-in challenge

Category: Humor

Tags: weekend write-in, dye

Just a thought or two

7 reads 5 likes 0 follows 5 comments

My Other Diary

What do you do if your parents are snobs? Write a book about them, obviously.

In fact, you write a book about everything they stand for (or think they stand for).

Revenge is what you make it. This book is my revenge. My name is Almathea Frupp

and this is the story of a girl with a motto: Dico sed Verissima/ Tell it like it is.

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