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Confidently bracing her trigger finger, Priscilla murders those who steal love that belongs to her. She believes she is a superwoman, able to plot and commit perfect murders. It seems she is right. No one ever suspects she murdered her little sister, her husband and her next-door-neighbor. When Priscilla’s daughter-in-law Linda tarnishes her son’s love for her, Priscilla readies her gun. But Linda buys a personal protection dog. Has Priscilla finally met her match?

Muriel Canfield
5 months ago

This is really the last draft. #4. If any of you are not tired of my book and would read and suggest, I'd be so helped and happy. If you do, only read chapters marked fourth draft. Thank you. I really really do want to pursue a publisher.

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Journey's Child

Twelve-year-old Gilly is about to journey through a summer filled with loss, guilt, bullies, and unlikely friendships. Told by her, it's the story of the summer when 'the terrible awful thing' happened. It's a poignant story that leads the reader down a path where broken, vulnerable people learn to forgive and let go of their guilt and grief. Unfortunately, this lesson comes at a high price. A past its prime art colony on the Oregon coast serves as the backdrop for Journey's Child.

Updates. Finally got our power back! Thanks for the edits, Barb.

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Girl at the Window

When Detective Alana Bosse is called to investigate a brutal murder in a small mid-west town, her suspicions lead her in the direction of the victim's daughter. There is no doubt that Clara wanted him dead after years of being controlled by him, but it all seems too neat and she isn’t confessing. She isn't the only one who isn't talking, when the townsfolk close ranks to keep a secret.

Not sure if the revelation in this chapter is revelation too far.

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Spilt Wine

David is visiting France, searching for wines to import for his growing company when he encounters a wine theft and a missing friend. While he comforts his friend’s wife, Catherine, their lives are threatened. Intensifying circumstances draw them closer together, and they uncover their buried traumas, insecurities and longings. This is a tale of mounting realisations, passions and love, woven through a gripping crime thriller on the Burgundy canals and in the French wine business of the 1980s.

More tweaking from Wattpad feedback.

431 reads 485 likes 31 follows 483 comments

La Fée Verte

Absinthe has long been regarded as the drink of artists and madmen. Which one is Alain?

John Nedwill
5 days ago

Written for Story Cubes 43.

5 reads 4 likes 0 follows 6 comments

Cold Cuts

Written for the not the weekend write-in: “Titanic”: In 500 words, write a story in which someone stays calm

Paul Westley
6 days ago

A little rewrite to make the man a little less evil, and reduce my murder count for the week.

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Anybody's Child

Seventeen-year-old Beth Shannon awakes in the middle of the night to the sound of an intruder. In an instant life as she knows it is forever shattered. Accused of a crime she didn't commit, she finds herself thrust into a life of a fugitive in order to find the real killer.

Michelle Kidd
2 weeks ago

I'm sad that this will be my last post. 😢 As many of you know, WO is shutting down.Thanks to all who have reached out to me and expressed the desire to continue to read AC. You guys have been the best helping me shape my next book! ~ Now for the good news! My website is secure, and I'd love for you to sign up under BetaReader to continue to read/comment. The web address is MichelleKidd.com. Feel free to contact me at mkidd6@comcast.net if you have questions. I don't want to lose touch!

481 reads 383 likes 40 follows 475 comments

Operation 1: Titanic

Agent Jason McIver was glad to get this case onboard the word's greatest luxury liner. Others thought him too young, too immature; this was his chance to prove them wrong. He would discover who had stolen the Bureau's records, or die trying.

Complications arise when a strange woman meets him onboard. Chelsea Farthing may know more than she's letting on.

3 weeks ago

Chapters 4-4. Maybe WriteOn's closing will inspire me to write faster ... but what a way to go. :-(

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Evidence: Past-Life Memories

“Sometimes, life calls us back to live again.”

Maggie Warner has a gift of memory concerning all the days of this life, and some from her last one. Her family has doubts concerning Maggie's memories of a past life, with understandable reasons. Only Robert Malone, neuropsychologist, and his memory inducing technology can prove her claim. His godson, Jack, gives her confidence to hunt, strength to face what comes, and encouragement to see it through, as their love grows.

Sue Hart
1 week ago

I've been updating the chapters of this book, with edits from Sue Baron, Michael Walsh, K.V. Wilson, and Kate McGinn on Wattpad.

314 reads 254 likes 32 follows 206 comments

5 reads 3 likes 0 follows 8 comments

Perfect Chloe

A crazy old man has just offered Ted the chance to design his dream girl, and have her come to life. Thinking this is yet another dating site, Ted sets out to create his perfect partner, Chloe, not for a moment imagining that his dream is about to come true, and his life turned upside down.

My collection of short stories on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Monkey-Twist-Really-Short-Stories-ebook/dp/B01549CPKY

Paul Westley
6 months ago

On yet another final walkthrough. Please criticize like I'm your least favorite politician.

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Unknown Diners

Their longstanding friendship deepens when wine and food reviewers Lorne and Catherine meet again seven months after she was widowed by murder. As they help each other work through their traumatic pasts, they become entangled in the dark world of sexual perversion and body modification. They face mutilation and death from past tormentors as they scramble to unravel organised manipulation in the restaurant trade.

This is a story of passion and suspense in a dark corner of the human condition.

Changed a word to make it more universal, thanks to feedback from Sue Baron on Wattpad.

595 reads 673 likes 34 follows 759 comments

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