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The Lost Crystals

Greg and Clark get lost on the piers of New York City one night. They have a run in with some dangerous men, and are saved by a creature from another world named Graydor, who is on a search for his friends. They soon meet those friends, and find that they're possessed and not themselves. This leads Graydor and the boys on an adventure across the city and another realm to hunt for ancient crystals of power to make them normal again.

This will be a summer that changes all their lives forever.

Greg Blair
2 hours ago

Chapter 18 updated. This will probably be my last post here, as I don't know when I'll get 19 or any other of the chapters done. It's also been a few weeks since I finished this chapter, and all I can remember is that large chunks of it have been rewritten to allow a better narrative.

106 reads 116 likes 9 follows 79 comments

Psyche Twist

Mourning a loss, Nezha Zaman is gifted with a light and transported to an alternate dimension. There, she meets two unicorns who live a double life as angels. They explain that the light is a fragment of the Angel of Mercy’s soul, shattered by the now demonic Iron Prince. Together they embark on a journey to find the pieces of the soul. Nezha vows to avenge her loved one and master her powers. But in order to accomplish it all, she’ll have to stay alive.

3 hours ago

I reuploaded all the chapters. I'm marking it as complete. I'll be relocating the story to Wattpad when Writeon closes. So if you want to maintain contact and finish the story, just add me on Wattpad. Same name and display pic. Again, thank you so much everyone! : D it's been an amazing journey! Thanks to all of you!

198 reads 168 likes 15 follows 310 comments

Dissonic Voices

The Amazing Sterling can read your mind. He has special powers that can also talk with the dead or connect with someone who has passed. Also, he likes his women with large breasts.

His psychic reading tour has been a huge success. He's had his way with many ample beauties, but then he met Melissa.

Her chest size was small, but, since her father was possessed by a demon, he decided to help her...

3 weeks ago

Continued the story after Malcolm was shot.

2 reads 1 like 1 follow 0 comments

The Sky Between

As the only child of a bitter king, Mara's lot in life is to marry well. She accepts this face but she is not ready to yield to it.

Not until she has seen the world Below, beyond the sunlit realm she calls home.

Below is a place where rain pours from clouds that hide the sun; a place where the wind is wild. To that world Mara is forbidden to go.

When a prince asks for her hand in marriage, Mara sees her chance. Custom says she may ask a gift of her betrothed. What Mara has in mind is a journey.

Phoebe Ava
2 days ago

Because it's already here and I'm super proud of the ending, here's the rest of The Sky Between. It will also be available on Wattpad once WriteOn has closed....

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Cold Solar

The first Mars colonies were brutalized like cattle for Earth's benefit. They dug too deep into the Martian rock and discovered an ancient weapon. Sixteen years after their rebellion, the new Martian kingdom sends an ambassador on a peaceful voyage to Earth where she is attacked, resulting in a Martian colonial invasion. For one history teacher and pro sword fighter, Mark Bowen, it's a race against time to find out who launched the attack, or die in the process.

NEW CHAPTER!!! It's taking a little while to get back on my roll, but the rolling is still going. I had a few days of writer's block for this chapter, but lots of coffee helped me cure that XD. Please comment and let me know what you think!

370 reads 305 likes 30 follows 410 comments


She has always been a slave, worth less than even the right to a name. But she can speak to the dragon.

He is nothing like the legends: fireless, flightless, and anything but fierce.

Alone, they can hope for nothing more than survival. Together, they may have the courage to prove the legends true.

He wants to help her learn who she really is. She wants to give him what every dragon needs: a chance to soar.

Phoebe Ava
3 months ago

Chapter Thirty-Six - Azadryn and Hedyr have an audience with the king.

213 reads 192 likes 21 follows 161 comments

Prince of Attania

Attan, son of Jet and Doll, is an Elemental who is closer to his elemental nature than to his human side. Attania is a land where both Family, who are descended from elementals, and non-family, who are solidly human, coexist. King Jet has worked hard to bring all the peoples of Attania together in harmony, and on the surface, it's working. But not everyone agrees.

Eve Mak
2 days ago

Mysteries revealed, getting closer to the truth.

86 reads 60 likes 5 follows 78 comments


Early in World War One a young Canadian soldier is trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enemy territory, he meets a young woman who recently lost her father and brothers to the war. She takes him home to meet her mother, hoping he can help them escape back to their family roots in Switzerland. As they flee over the mountains, love blossoms and stirs old traumas. He's torn between following his heart and honouring his sworn duty

More tweaks from Wattpad.

624 reads 636 likes 46 follows 622 comments

Quest of the Five Clans, Book 1: the Blood Tartan

Long ago a mysterious family of mad geniuses split into five clans; feuding, hiding, hording their secrets of fighting and art, magic and mystery. Now at the dawn of the cold industrial 19th century, only the five clans together can hold back the blood-red tide.

Unless they dive into it laughing. I did say 'mad'.

Just to show that I have not ONLY been playing video games since 'Angels'. Also to make certain people laugh. You know who you people are.

11 reads 13 likes 6 follows 10 comments

Mission:SRX #4: Commander's Wrath

Lost, alone and on the drift, Commander Grant has secured Earth and bought his alliance precious moments to breathe. The cost was high: the compromise of their alien capital ship.

Now locked in a race against time, the band of human warriors must scour the galaxy in search of their most valuable technology before it can be used against them. While the embers of the trail go cold, the commander's focus burns hotter as his team struggles to understand their new home in the expanding universe

M D White
5 days ago

Roaring to a strong finish but the story's far from over! Thank you for all the feedback along the way. Stop by www.amazon.com/author/mdwhite and stay in the know for Commander's Wrath and the future releases to come! -WMD

21 reads 46 likes 3 follows 21 comments

TIME RATS Book 3: Fixing the Future

Liam Roth fails to collect Floss for a date. When she and Jace time travel to 2135 to try to find him, they find the future has changed, and not in a way they like.

Floss discovers what is in the bottle Quinn gave her...

34 reads 26 likes 5 follows 44 comments

A Thief of Rings

In a realm thick with thieves, few are the thieves of rings. Yet, of these, surely the most famous was Dartin, who turned the Ring Kingdom on its ear. And the maidens of song still sing of her renown!

3 months ago

Just reposting this. I want to get this story moving forward again. Thanks to my readers!

24 reads 6 likes 4 follows 2 comments

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