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The Chosen Path

Jake's childhood imaginary friend haunts him awake and asleep. His dreams come true, which scares him, his family, and the whole town. Going away to college, Jake hopes for a normal life, but it becomes more complicated as he learns of his new friends' secrets. The girl he has a crush on has more secrets and powers than Jake could ever imagine. One of his roommates is a vampire. Plus, a demon wants them dead. Jake must discover who and what he really is to save his friends and himself. (Book 1).

Susan K. Saltos
5 months ago

Fixed up Chapter Five. Lots of new stuff added.

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Fork in the Road

Book 3 in the series, following Hidden Paths (2) and The Chosen Path (1). Jake's sister, Sam, moves into Witch Hill and she has some secrets that even Jake doesn't know about! Trey has also moved into the house, creating even more chaos, as his secrets are revealed. And, it seems that Brian has been keeping secrets from Emily. Trey knows, but isn't talking, for reasons of his own. The secret just may help them finally end the evil plans against them. Or will it?

Susan K. Saltos
More than 1 year ago

Book 3 is posted! Please read and review! I appreciate any and all feedback. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much!

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Hidden Paths: Vampire Revenge

Hidden Paths follows Book 1, The Chosen Path. Tony, the vampire, is stunned to find his great grand-daughter at their door. George & Ray are ecstatic to have the Italian beauty in their home, but will it cause a rift in their friendship when they realize that they're both in love with her? Isabella tells Ray of a secret plan against Tony & they secretly work to stop it. Raven is smitten with a mysterious guy and won't be deterred, despite Emily's warnings against him. Jake foresees Ray's death.

Susan K. Saltos
More than 1 year ago

Updated Chapter Titles, hopefully will be centered now...

111 reads 57 likes 10 follows 12 comments


An exciting Urban Fantasy about a girl, a key to Heaven, a fallen angel, and the struggle they’ll go through to prevent a war.

Have another!

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CONRAD BOCK aspires to be the first of his family to graduate college. Two semesters away from a degree from TCU: his scholarships spent, his savings depleted, his part-time wages insufficient and his rent due, he resorts to selling his plasma. During a plasmaphoresis session he meets a lady who describes a lucrative opportunity as a volunteer for experiments her husband is conducting at the university. All he has to do is die.

I would appreciate feedback on characters, dialogue, the hook, style, setting, plot, conflict, and/or grammar. Thanks.

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Miranda's Undercover Lover (The A Squad Series)

FBI's A Squad member, Miranda Jones, thought her new assignment, going undercover as a college girl to infiltrate an illegal gambling ring, was going to be hell. Instead, she's falling for a guy she shouldn't. Ben Thompson, a FBI drug enforcement agent, discovers his new assignment isn't going to be as bad as he thought when a hot girl walks into his dorm room and stays as his roommate! How are they to concentrate on their jobs when they are unknowingly falling in love with their secret partner?

Susan K. Saltos
More than 1 year ago

Here is book 1 in my new contemporary romance series The A Squad! The lives and loves of 5 of the FBI's best agents. Please leave feedback as I'd love to know your thoughts about the story, characters, etc. I'm always looking to improve so please leave your brutal honesty! Thanks and Enjoy!

99 reads 68 likes 12 follows 62 comments

The Unspeakable

Sanath, a 21-year old prodigy, has resigned himself to a life in jail, having beaten up a friend while high on meth. But then, a number of unexpected lawsuits are filed against him and he begins to wonder if his first crime was possibly scripted...

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Cops and Stalkers

When a thrill-seeking serial rapist terrorizes the college town of Platteville, WI Officer Stuart Thompson takes up the hunt. As he closes in on the rapist, the assaults escalate to murders and Thompson finds himself in the crosshairs.

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Fuzzy Peach

Miro is a 20 year old seeking self, and seeking passion. This romantic wants to find a person who would be willing to see the world the way they see it. This story is told in spread out vignettes of consciousness. Not all the pieces are revealed but showcase a tender person trying to do right and be right. Miro tries to give as much heart as possible, hoping someday it will reach them in return.

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The Line

Declan meets Thalia. Fun times ensue. Oh, no! Alright in the end.

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Sincerely, From the Other Side (excerpt)

Most people have regrets. Ask them. They will tell you about the opportunities they missed, the dreams they left behind, and the memories of lost loves, locked away until journeys end. We have no such luxuries, those of us mixed with the dead. It is our job to guide them from this world, to finish unfinished businesses, even if it means searching for 300 missing souls.This is a recollection of my first case, from a time when I thought nothing of the shadows under my feet. This is exorcism 101.

Blanche C. King
7 months ago

Finally finished and published. Thank you all for your help and support. This book is on sale for $0.99 starting June 29 @ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019RJQTE0

95 reads 34 likes 18 follows 28 comments

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