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Cops and Stalkers

When a thrill-seeking serial rapist terrorizes the college town of Platteville, WI Officer Stuart Thompson takes up the hunt. As he closes in on the rapist, the assaults escalate to murders and Thompson finds himself in the crosshairs.

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Emerald Eyes

A flash fiction horror piece, About a womans obsession, and her need to possess something that she cannot have. Please feel free to leave constructive feedback.

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Into The Eye of the Storm (First Draft *Complete*)

Rich has been planning a major summer bash. Only problem is, disaster strikes at every turn.

This party is totally to die for!

Who will make it out alive?

***Please be advised this is a ROUGH draft and will be re-written soon. There may be stray marks like this, [L16]. Please disregard those, as they are just stray comment notations from after I copied from Word. While the main plot and concept will remain the same, some of the character information, details, and settings may be altered.***

Jennifer Felton
8 months ago

Updated formatting.

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Sometimes there only so much you can do. Emily is forced to choose between her friend and doing the right thing, knowing she'll likely get neither.

In 500 words, tell a story in which love is unrequited.

Hans Visser
More than 1 year ago

Happy St Vs

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Beyond Vision

There are things that lurk just beyond our vision that delight or haunt us every day. What are you not seeing?

More than 1 year ago

We all experience things beyond our normal line of sight. How we handle them helps to determine who we are and what we do in life.

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Psychologist Kinsey McKay advises listeners about relationships on K-KIS Radio in California. A listener, "The Redeemer," stalks her, kills her cat, tries to run her down with his car, and kills her husband instead. Kinsey flees to Utah. Wes Blackmore, owner of a boys ranch, lets Kinsey stay in an old family home. He's wanted her since high school. When the police report catching the stalker, Wes talks Kinsey into counseling his troubled boys. But the police have the wrong man.

Charlene Raddon
More than 1 year ago


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