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Sins of Serenity Gardens

This is the last book of a trilogy that includes Secrets of Serenity Gardens and Satan in Serenity Gardens. Sin is a murder mystery that centers around Mary and Sam, owners and embalmers at Preston Smith Funeral Home. As usual, Mary and Sam find themselves involved in a local homicide that is anything but ordinary. Under attack from all sides, they must solve an Civil War mystery before the culprit finds the hidden gold and takes them permanently out of the loop.

Donna Huffer
3 months ago

How is the pace of action?

18 reads 24 likes 4 follows 11 comments

The Profiler

He was a criminal profiler spanning 30 years in the business. He helped capture a lot of criminals making a name for himself along the way. However, there was this one suspect who always eluded him and became a thorn in his side. An arranged, secret meeting from an unlikely source would change his entire career and put his life in jeopardy. Can he make the connection in time to figure out who it is? Or will he die trying?

D.R. Hawker
2 months ago

i just came up with this idea, tell me what you think so far..

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Tricolore Flame

Someone is murdering gendarmes in Normandy. When a victim is killed within the bounds of the city of Caen, Commandant Yves Valande and Lieutenant Thierry Domenici of the Police Nationale have to investigate. As political concerns start to be raised, the police officers find there investigation being undermined or blocked. Can they get to the murderer before all the doors have been shut in their faces?

William Reed
1 month ago

Ranks corrected in Ch 2

8 reads 2 likes 1 follow 4 comments

Rich Doyle Mysteries: Joshua

Five years ago, Rose Doyle's father was murdered by the Black Hearts, and she broke off all contact with the person she blamed, her cousin Rich. Now a decade after her last case with Rich and half a decade after the tragedy of her father's death, Rose finds herself targeted by the Black Hearts and narrowly avoids an attempt on her life. Her husband Joshua is accused of trying to kill Rose, and she's forced to turn to Rich for help. Can the two of them put aside their differences and save Joshua?

R.C. Fletcher
1 month ago

Here's the first chapter! Enjoy! :D

5 reads 7 likes 3 follows 16 comments

Cops and Stalkers

When a thrill-seeking serial rapist terrorizes the college town of Platteville, WI Officer Stuart Thompson takes up the hunt. As he closes in on the rapist, the assaults escalate to murders and Thompson finds himself in the crosshairs.

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If there's one thing guaranteed to get the Inspector riled, it's a bent copper. When one of his own comes under suspicion for a crime committed on his own patch, Noone takes that kind of thing personally.

Inspector Noone is back ... to solve a crime committed in his station, by one of his own!

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Rich Doyle Mysteries: Victoria

All Rose Doyle wants is a little relaxation. Her plans are disrupted when Bob Bennett disappears and his girlfriend is accused of murdering him. Rich refuses to believe that his friend is dead, and he and Rose plunge headlong into trouble to find him. As the search for Bob becomes heated and another disappears, Rich uncovers a shadowy thread connecting his three cases together, and a criminal organization that might be behind them all. Can Rich find Bob, or has he finally gotten in too deep?

R.C. Fletcher
3 months ago

Ta-da! Sneak peek at the next book! If anyone's interested, my second NaNo project is "Tales from The Story: Morpheus". Please check it out if you've got a minute! :D

56 reads 82 likes 7 follows 69 comments

Rich Doyle Mysteries: Domiano

Three months after being accused of murder, Rose Doyle's cousin Rich invites her to go with him on a trip to New York City for the grand-opening of a store. The trip-of-a-lifetime takes a turn for the worse when one of the millionaires ends up dead, they're locked in the store, and Rose's boyfriend Domiano is accused. Time is ticking when Rich receives a threatening note warning him he has two days to live. Can Rich find the killer, or will he end up as the next victim?

Book 2.

R.C. Fletcher
3 months ago

Thanks for reading! Book three is coming in February. :)

73 reads 80 likes 6 follows 34 comments

Rich Doyle Mysteries: Rose

When Rose Doyle is accused of murdering a woman she had never even met, no one will take her case. No one, that is, except for her eccentric cousin Richard "Rich" Doyle, a wealthy, bumbling young man that fancies himself a detective. Together with collector of oddities and police officer Bob Bennett, Rose and Rich struggle to solve Rose's case as the evidence stacks up against her and her trial gets closer and closer. Can Rich find the real murderer, or is Rose doomed to be convicted of murder?

R.C. Fletcher
5 months ago

And... we're done! Thanks for reading! :D

75 reads 94 likes 6 follows 48 comments

The 23rd

Set in Chicago shortly after Al Capone was sent to prison, Elliot Ness and the Untouchables eased out of the limelight and retired. With Ness out of the way, Capone's men had a chance to rebuild the Chicago mafia but two hardened detectives, Nick Porter and Ray Stensen were determined to stop them. Would the greed and corruption deter their cause or would the reign of the Capone crime family finally end with Capone's incarceration?

D.R. Hawker
10 months ago

chapter 8 is now finished! if you enjoyed it, please click the "like" button at the end.. and thank you for reading!

33 reads 6 likes 2 follows 5 comments

Piss Up in a Brewery

Noone won't stand for bullying among the men and women of his nick and decides to deal with it in his own way.

In 500 words, tell a story in which organization is easier said than done.

Noone doesn't like a bully ... especially not in his own nick.

11 reads 10 likes 0 follows 12 comments

Tales of Luumbelir: Focus

Focus follows the story of Anja, a wardenswoman with the magical ability to see fine details and a tendency to notice what others miss, as she tries to reconnect with her estranged family for the sake of her dying father, while at the same time trying to track down a vicious serial killer with an eerie obsession--or connection--with her.

This is the first novel in the Tales of Luumbelir series.

EJ Gowdy
8 months ago

At long last, some progress! I got stuck for a long while and only just now figured out how to fix the problems that were shouting for attention.

32 reads 5 likes 4 follows 18 comments

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